Dr. Valerie Truesdale, CMS Chief Officer, Technology, Personalized Learning, Enagement

Posted By Shannon Emmanuel

*Monday, November 10, 2015* Dr. Valerie Truesdale joined Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in October 2012. She has been charged with responsibility for transforming learning and schools using technology integration to spur innovation and prepare students for 21st century careers. “Technology is transforming the way we learn, live and work. Schools need to teach digital learners in the way they learn best,” Dr. Truesdale believes. “We expect students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to graduate with strong foundational skills in academics and technology integration, prepared for college and careers. Our responsibility is to provide learning systems that stretch students to their highest possible level of achievement, engaging our community in this important goal.” Dr. Truesdale, a native of Columbia, spent most of her career in public schools in South Carolina. In addition to serving over nine years as a superintendent in Beaufort County and Oconee County in South Carolina, she served as a chief instructional services officer in Lexington/Richland Counties. She also led the policy division of the South Carolina State Department of Education, supervising student assessment, educator licensure, technology services and policy. Dr. Truesdale is a former high school principal, assistant principal, personnel administrator and teacher at high school and college levels. She worked in retail management before her education career. Dr. Truesdale holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Clemson University, an M.B.A. in Marketing from Georgia State University and a Ph.D. in educational leadership from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Truesdale’s contributions to education have been recognized nationally and regionally. She is a past president of the international Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and was the first national recipient of the Women in School Leadership Award, conferred by the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) in 2011. She was named state superintendent of the year in 2009 by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from that organization in 2012. Dr. Truesdale currently serves on the advisory board for the College of Education at Clemson University and on the National Dropout Prevention Center board.

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