Meeting 03/10/14 – North Carolina and South Carolina State Line

Posted By Mark Lohsen

Alex Rankin, President of Concord Engineering, discussed his involvement in the survey of the 300+ mile NC-SC state line.  Alex is a Rotarian and a Past President of the Concord Rotary Club.


The story of the NC – SC state line is a very current topic Relatively small errors by surveyors using stakes, hatchets and mental arithmetic 240 years ago have real world complications for 93 businesses that now find themselves in another state.  The state line also impact peoples’ lives – which schools their children attend, which companies provide them with gas and electricity, even what area code their phone number starts with.

Alex details the challenges facing surveyors, aided by GPS and laser sightlines, who must nonetheless try to uncover old survey marks.   Forensic analyses of old deeds and documents added to the complexity of the task.

We also inducted Susan Walker into the Club and recognized Stephen Onxley for his Paul Harris Fellowship contributions (+1).

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Alex is a Rotarian and Past President of the Concord Rotary Club.


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