Rotarians Volunteer at A Child’s Place

Posted By Marc Friedland

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Monday, August 15th Charlotte-South Rotary held a volunteer work day at A Child’s Place in Charlotte to help them prepare for the new school year.  A Child’s Place serves the 4,000+ homeless students in Mecklenberg County by providing support, school supplies, food, clothes, toiletries, and anything else that may make the children feel more comfortable and confident at school.  The time before the school year begins is a busy time as there are donated supplies to unpack, sort, and then re-pack into school bags for distribution.

One of the goals at A Child’s place is to have 1 volunteer buddy for every homeless child in Mecklenberg County.  These volunteers are each paired with one child and meet with the child regularly at the school to develop a meaningful relationship.  Currently they only have about 400 volunteers to serve the 4,000 homeless students, so many more volunteers are needed.  For more information on A Child’s Place please visit their website

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