SERVICE PROJECT: Literacy for Liberia

Posted By Marc Friedland

Charlotte South Rotary Club’s goal is to collect and transport to Liberia in Spring 2009 a shipping container of children’s and educational books..

Liberia is a country on the west coast of Africa, bordered by SierraLeone, Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, and the Atlantic Ocean. Founded as acolony in 1822 by freed slaves from the United States, the area wasalready inhabited by various indigenous ethnic groups who had occupiedthe region for centuries. Liberian Former First Lady Taylor says thatthe most fundamental need for Liberian society is to re-establish theeducational system. A fundamental building block to accomplish thistask is obtaining books for the children to read and study. CharlotteSouth Rotary Club intends to fulfill this vital need. Please collectchildren’s and educational books of all types, new and used. Pleasecontact families, grandparents, neighbors, churches, and libraries toseek donations for this worthy cause. Collections will continue untilone shipping container has been filled. If you have any questions,please contact Steve Smith or Angela Smith at (704) 814-0772.

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