2012 Club Project Applications Underway

Posted By Marc Friedland

Each year our club evaluates applications that have been submitted, and decides which of those projects we will support with our time and money.  For 2012 the application process has begun.  In order to have a project submitted for consideration please follow the procedure detailed below, and submit the request for which can be found here: Download Application Form

The process for project recommendation and approval by the Rotary Club of Charlotte-South is outlined below.  Projects are funded through money raised at the club’s annual Dick Keffer Golf Tournament and World Wine Tasting Event.  The degree to which the club can sponsor projects is dependent upon the success of the golf tournament.

September Distribute Project Recommendation Forms in September.  Announce key dates for returning forms and review the process for project review and approval.
September At each meeting in September, remind club members that Project Recommendation Forms need to be turned in by October 10.
September Submit article about Project Recommendation Forms for inclusion in the weekly bulletin during September.
October Present Project Recommendations at October Board meeting for preliminary approval.  Identify those projects that will need funding prior to February.
October Dick Keffer Golf Tournament.  Money raised at the tournament provides funding for project requests.
November Present at the November Board meeting the Project Recommendations for final approval and reconciliation with money raised through the Golf Tournament.
November After Board meeting, forward approved project list to the Club President for submission to the Charlotte South Rotary Foundation for consideration.
December Charlotte South Rotary Foundation to review projects and make selection for funding
January Send notification letters to project sponsors during 1st week of January.  Include Project Funds Request form as applicable.

If you have questions or comments regarding the process, please share them with the Director of Projects or any other board member.

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