Adult Care and Share Project

Posted By Marc Friedland

It is almost time for one of our club’s favorite hands-on projects. The annual Thanksgiving luncheon at Adult Care and Share Center will be held on Wednesday, November 19th.We will need 4-6 people to help in the kitchen and about 8 people tovisit with the participants, serve the meal and distribute gift bags tothem. Adult Care and Share Center is an adult day care/health centerthat provides daytime care to older and disabled adults. The Centerprovides meals, nursing and personal care and a full schedule ofactivities that are both, physically and mentally stimulating as wellas fun! The Center provides an affordable alternative to nursing homecare or assisted living for adults wishing to remain in the communityand live with their families.

Please contact LuAnn Peters if you would like to help with this project,and indicate if you would like to work in the kitchen or serve andvisit with participants. Those who work in the kitchen will need toarrive by 9:30 a.m., and those serving/visiting should plan to arriveby 10:30 a.m.

Adult Care and Share Center is located on the grounds ofCokesbury United Methodist Church, 6701 Idlewild Road, close to theintersection of Idlewild Road and Independence Blvd. The Center is atthe back of the church property on the right-hand side.

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