Bringing in the New

Posted By Marc Friedland

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On August 22nd Charlotte South Rotary had board members Dave Ritchie and David Kostmayer sworn in by District Governor Allen Langley.  Prior to this Ceremony Allen Langley had an opportunity to address the club.

In his speech, Allen challenged all the members of our club to tell at least one friend about Rotary and invite them to our a lunch.  Rotary’s format help’s develop better professionals, better friendships, and better citizens.  Despite this, only 11% of rotarians ever invite a friend to a meeting.

Mr. Langley is challenging all rotarians to be better people and to do more to help make the world a better place.  This year Rotary is focusing on strong families as a means to a better world.  Borrowing a phrase from Ghandi, Allen reminded us that we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

Charlotte South Rotary also has a new member to announce this week.  The Board of Directors of Charlotte-South Rotary has approved the membership application of Hadley Perry.  Hadley is Vice President & General Counsel with Perry’s at SouthPark.  She is a member of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and the Mint Museum Young Affiliates.  She is engaged to be married to Brian Pacheco on October 22.  Greg Close is Hadley’s sponsor.  Please welcome her to our club.

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