February is World Understanding Month

Posted By Marc Friedland

Among all the service organizations in the world, Rotary International distinguishes itself as the only organization that focuses on World Understanding & Peace, through its Cultural, Educational and Humanitarian Programs. These programs are possible for two reasons. There are more than 30,000 Rotary clubs and 1.2M like minded Rotarians all over the world to implement them, and there are compassionate Rotarians in the developed part of the world, who donate generously, year after year. To name a few programs:

• Ambassadorial Scholar: Each year college students travel to a university in another part of the world and spend a year learning local culture, appreciating problems, and helping clear the misconceptions among their peers.

• Peace Scholars: This recent program, which involves two years of training in Conflict Resolutions, at the top seven universities in the world, is possible because of the generous donations from various Rotary Districts in the world.

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