July is Literacy Month

Posted By Marc Friedland

The RI Board of Directors has designated July as Literacy Month, a perfect time for Rotary clubs to develop their own literacy projects as well as raise awareness of Rotarian efforts worldwide to eradicate illiteracy. New District Governor Firoz Peera spoke to our group and outlined his plans for the 53 clubs in our district to work together in ”Bigger, Better and Bolder" ways to help fulfill Rotary International’s annual theme of "Building Communities, Bridging Continents". Teamwork, a renewed commitment to our communities, consulting with community leaders, delivering sustainable solutions with high impact, branding our service projects under the Rotary banner, honoring our club’s unique purpose and mission, practicing proactive public relations, encouraging intergenerational cooperation and collaboration, and acting with urgency are the trademarks of DG Firoz’s vision for this year.

Literacy for Liberia, Christ Lutheran McClintock Program and the two schools (Beirut & India). We are also involved with Hope for the Deaf project here in Charlotte, as the funding is for a special school for deaf students. These are just a sampling of the causes to do with literacy our club is involved with:
World Mission Outreach-Literacy for Liberia (container of books to Liberia)
• Christ Lutheran Church-McClintock Partnership $1,000
• Rotary Club of Beirut-Maamarieh School $1,000
• India Creche-School Operating Expenses $1,000

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