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Posted By Marc Friedland

Our Rotary Club President, Janet Newton, recently received the following letter sharing a story of how Rotary and its partners are making a difference.


Hi. I hope you are well and that you’ve had a nice summer.

We recently “saved” a mother and her 18-month old daughter through Travelers Aid, one of our programs that your Rotary Club generously contributed to in April. So, in reality, I should say that you all helped save this family. I thought you might enjoy hearing about her and perhaps forwarding to some others in your Club.

Jill was walked to our office with a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer. She was bruised, but still holding on tight to her 18 month-old daughter. Her husband had been beating her . . . apparently doing so for some time. That is until Jill gathered the strength to call for help.

With her abusive husband in jail, but at some point getting out, she needed to leave the city. Get to a safe, supportive, home. Amazingly, Jill wasn’t as much concerned about herself, but more-so for her daughter. She’s leaving with nothing and had very little money.

But, that’s where we came in.

Through our Travelers Aid program, Jill spent time with our Social Worker, who provided a great level of comfort and guidance on where Jill could go. Turned out that Jill has a mother in another state – at a location not known to the husband. With Community Link’s help and financial assistance, Jill and her daughter were on a bus that same day. Jill left with us knowing she was headed to a safe, supportive home.

One month later, we received a note from Jill thanking us for saving their lives. And, below Jill’s signature was an added note from Jill’s mom – “thanks for bringing home by daughter and grandbaby!”

Janet, it’s because of support from organizations like your Rotary Club that we’re able to share in this success. For that, we’re eternally grateful! We look forward to continuing our relationship and I hope to see you again soon.

Warm regards,


_ _
Randall C. Hitt
Director of Marketing & Development
Community Link
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