McClintock Middle School, McPie Program

Posted By Marc Friedland


Amy Daniels joined us on Monday, June 16 to speak about the McPie Program at McClintock Middle School.  Amy is the Director of Outreach at Christ Lutheran Church, and is President of McClintock Partners in Education (McPIE).

The mission for McPIE is the ensure that McClintock students have access to the support, opportunities, and resources which will provide them with the best education available anywhere and to ensure their future, life-long success in the 21st century world. They seek to create a sense of community centered on the school and to build social capital between people from different socioeconomic, educational, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Charlotte South Rotary is a long time supporter of McPie and proudly presented them with a $2500 check today.  For more information on this impressive program, please contact Ann at

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