Meeting 03/24/14 – CSR Project Review

Posted By Mark Lohsen

We spent our meeting discussing the projects that were funded by the CSR Charitable Foundation.  We have eight projects in 2014 and we learned more about them in our meeting.


Cindy Clark outlined how  Chameleon’s Journey, a grief camp for children, helps kids who have experienced the loss of a parent, guardian, or other significant person.


Joe Canady describes how the McClintock Middle School (PIE) helps at-risk youth (and their parents) with reading.


Shannon Emmanuel presented the Y-Readers program. This is a national program that started at the Harris YMCA!


Julie Freeland defined how the SEALS Legacy Foundation helps families of SEALs killed in action with necessary ancillary expenses, such as travel and help around the house.


Noel Humphries and a business partner founded Patriots Path, a local organization that helps post-9/11 veterans in their transition to civilian life, especially with training on job skills.







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