Meeting 03/31/14 – Distict Attorney Andrew Murray

Posted By Mark Lohsen

We welcomed District Attorney Andrew Murray to our club today.  He presented an interesting overview of his office and the many functions it performs in service to the citizens of Mecklenburg County.

Chief among the many challenges his staff must address is the growing number of cases that must be prosecuted.  DA Murray illustrated the process that he and his staff conduct on a weekly basis to review cases and to decide which are to be brought to trial and which are to be pled to a lesser charge.  The seriousness of the crime is a primary determinant, but he and his staff have a scoring sheet which guide them to provide consistency across all manner of crime.   As a result, the number of cases tried, and convictions, are up.


During this meeting, we inducted a new member and recognized those CSR members leaving bequeaths to the Rotary Foundation.

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