Meeting 06/02/14 – Troy Fitch discusses Audi and selling in advance of WWTT

Posted By Mark Lohsen

Troy is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, cattle rancher, writer, husband of 22 years to wife Dr. Jane Fitch and proud father to sons Forrest and Luke. He has enjoyed a career in sales since he was 10 years old, shoveling driveways, delivering local shopper newspapers and mowing grass.

He lives by a very simple phrase that Mr. Zig Ziglar taught thousands of people around the world: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough people get what they want”. Mr. Ziglar was a great inspiration to him personally and a man he first met in his car in 1989 listening to old cassette tapes bought from Goodwill. He later worked as one of the corporate trainers for Ziglar Performance Group.

His hobbies are writing on healthy topics and sharing them through his blog, flying airplanes, working out, working with rescue horses, and raising grass fed and hormone free cattle. He is a proud employee of Donald Automotive Group for Audi of Charlotte. He can be reached at 704-564-9800.



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