Monday Mar 21, 2016

Elaine Fairman

Executive Director Business Expansion Funding Corporation

Small Business Finance

Use the link below to view the presentation on Small Business Finance:

Small Business Finance

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H&H: Thanks to Waysoon, Rich and Bill (plus spouse) for doing Trees Charlotte. Comments?

Ed for fixing the flag stands!

Mike is over in rehab now with LOTS of PT and OT. Very weak but off all machines. Susan back at work. Discharge 3-19 hopefully,

Baseball Social per Bill Nuttall: 24 slots go to first to pay $33/person (under 2 yrs are free) Make check out to club and give to me or Bill Nuttall

The gates will open at 5:00pm, and the game will start at 6:05pm. The buffet will be served from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. The buffet consists of hotdogs, hamburgers, grilled BBQ chicken, veggie burgers upon request, roasted potato salad, pasta salad, marinated vegetable salad, fresh fruit plate, canned Pepsi products and ice water.

There is a small awning over where the food is served that folks can gather for a few minutes, but the vast majority of the ballpark is not covered. But, the sun should only be up for about an hour before it dips behind the stadium.


Beach Blast per Curt and Julie: Jim Keffer and the plane are going to Beach Blast this year. Mike Keffer who lives in Rocky Mount is going to drive over and join us.

Additionally, we will be notified as soon as spring break is over (April 4th) as to what schools se should visit to promote BB.

Still need 4 bus captains. You can bring your spouse or a child with you. Also need photos of recent year trips for website. (Photos go to Josh)


District news:

SFTL needs applicants by April 1. Gregg is handling but they need volunteer mentors to help develop a passion for leadership in today’s youth July 14-17

Asheville conference, May 13-15

Rotary Family Exchange Program needs host families May 8-12

MORE PHF qualifiers next week!


News form Julie!!


Manila update: This week there was a high end European auto festival out our back door. I do not need a Masarati or a Bucati but ok. Hot season is in full swing – about 95 everyday. But it is pleasant in the shade and always a lovely breeze.

A new luxury hotel was just built and opened up in our neighborhood called the Shangri-La at the fort. Todd and I checked it out and it was luxurious and lovely if any if you would like to come visit. There was a rotary event going on the 30 year anniversary of the charter of rotary of Makati. I had looked into some clubs but the ones I found seemed very small and in the evening. Traffic is so bad it’s very difficult to get anywhere in the evening on time plus I came here to be with Todd and Mitchell so I would prefer a lunch time meeting. I will keep looking.

Brandon I’m thinking my weekly updates maybe should count for some attendance… Plus I read all the emails and pretend like I’m at the board meetings.

I see that Mike Walker is on Facebook now which I know is a very good sign. I told him I would not come back to rotary until he was ready to do so as well. Well I really will be back in late May so hopefully that timing works out. ??

This week I am flying to Tokyo to meet an old roommate of mine who lives in San Francisco. She has a business trip there and I will meet her for three days. Very excited. Stay tuned for stories from Tokyo.

Daughter Meredith is on spring break from UNC in Puerto Rico. She just accepted a summer internship in Bangkok. Pad Thai for everyone!!!!

Mitchell is doing. Great in school. His spring break you soon and we are considering going somewhere fun… We will see if that happens….

Miss you all. Hugs and kisses.

AND PLEASE Let’s have 100% participation in the beach blast whether it’s donating, working a shift or being a bus captain.  I hate that I can’t be there- it is such a fun and amazing event.

Someone please be the official photographer!!


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