Welcomed by Andy the Clown!

Posted By Shannon Emmanuel

We would like to welcome our newest members, Bill Nuttall and Matt Drinkhahn to Charlotte-South Rotary! As usual, we kept things lively this day as our President, Andy Bach showed off his recent clown costume in his support of the *”Rotary Distinguished Clown Corps” (RDCC). * This project will establish a group of Rotary, business and community leaders that will make a donation to be split between Hemby and Levine Children’s Hospitals and will periodically visit children in those hospitals to put some much needed joy in their eyes. The RDCC is based on a model used by other cities and will be supported by Charlotte Center City Partners. The RDCC recently participated in the Novant Christmas Parade on Thanksgiving Day. Rotary was featured in Parade literature and advertising so it was a great opportunity to get the word out to people that might not otherwise know about what Rotary is and what it does. Thank you Bill and Matt for having fun with us on the day we inducted you and we are so glad you will be joining the fun.

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